Position Description of the Committee Chairs

    A committee chairperson is principally responsible for overseeing the operations and affairs of his or her particular committee. In fulfilling his or her responsibilities, the chair will be responsible for:

    1. providing leadership to foster the effectiveness of the committee;
    2. ensuring there is an effective relationship between the Board and the committee;
    3. ensuring that the appropriate mandate for the committee is in effect and assisting the Board in making recommendations for amendments to the mandate;
    4. in consultation with the other members of the committee and the Board, where appropriate, preparing the agenda for each meeting of the committee;
    5. ensuring that all committee members receive the information required for the proper performance of their duties, including information relevant to each meeting of the committee;
    6. chairing committee meetings, including stimulating debate, providing adequate time for discussion of issues, facilitating consensus, encouraging full participation and discussion by individual members and confirming that clarity regarding decision-making is reached and accurately recorded;
    7. together with the Board, ensuring that an appropriate system is in place to evaluate the performance of the committee as a whole and the committee’s individual members, and making recommendations to the Board for changes when appropriate;
    8. working with the Chief Executive Officer to ensure that the committee is provided with the resources to permit it to carry out its responsibilities and bringing to the attention of the Chief Executive Officer any issues that are preventing the committee from being able to carry out its responsibilities; and
    9. providing additional services required by the Board and the Committee.

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