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29 octobre, 2014 Home Finance Special Supplement

The Globe & Mail 

“With mortgage insurance, first-time homebuyers – be they new immigrants, self-employed or other responsible borrowers – can avoid losing out on a great opportunity and start building equity in a home sooner," says Debbie McPherson senior vice president of sales and marketing, Genworth Canada.

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7 juillet, 2014 New insurance scheme could chop the cost of mortgages. First-time buyers are the hardest hit.


Mortgage insurance can help prevent house crises, according to Winsor Macdonell, senior vice president with Genworth Canada. "Canada has had a universal mortgage insurance scheme in place for over fifty years," said Macdonell. "During the recent financial crisis, the benefits of this scheme were very evident as the Canadian housing market performed well. The availability of mortgage insurance helped ensure that lenders had the ability and confidence to write new mortgages, making home financing available for first-time buyers at affordable rates."

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22 mai, 2014 Mortgage Companies Gain as Bubble Talk Spurned: Corporate Canada

Bloomberg Businessweek 

CMHC’s shrinking role in the housing market “has presented an opportunity for us to step up, broaden our role,” Genworth CEO Brian Hurley said by telephone May 16. “The soft landing we were looking for has materialized.”

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9 mai, 2014 New homeowners say it's a good time to buy

May 9, 2014

New homeowners say it's a good time to buy ; Homebuyer attitudes changing for the better: Genworth Canada

The Toronto Sun

"The bottom line is people have slowed down their debt accumulation and they're being quite responsible when they do acquire debt, particularly the biggest debt which is housing," says Stuart Levings, chief operating officer, Genworth Canada.

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24 avril, 2014 Mortgages Special Supplement

The Globe & Mail

April 24, 2014

“Despite tighter mortgage qualification criteria over recent years, survey results point towards positive trends in homebuyer behaviour,” says Stuart Levings, chief operating officer of Genworth Canada. “With a stable economy and real estate market, Canadians appear to have more confidence in the value of homeownership.

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27 janvier, 2014 Tackling turnover

January 27, 2014 Tackling turnover

Canadian HR Reporter

“We have very high engagement scores because we get our employees involved in our business. Being a small company, you walk through the office and the CEO’s office is always open, employees can sit and talk with any of the executives. It’s a very collegial and tight-knit little community, so we definitely don’t see a lot of voluntary turnover in this organization and we expect that will continue because we have such an exceptional work environment.”

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